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Space Patrol

1 9 5 0 – 1 9 5 5 (USA)
175 x 30 minute episodes

Space Patrol began in early 1950 as a local broadcast on the West Coast and was seen until 1955. During most of its run, it was an ABC network Saturday or Sunday daytime series.

Set in the 30th Century, Commander-in-Chief of the Space Patrol Buzz Corey (real-life WWII flying hero Ed Kemmer) defended the United Planets of the Universe in his spaceship Terra. Cadet Happy (Lyn Osborn) was his young assistant who was prone to colourful rejoinders such as “Smokin’ rockets, Commander!” and simplistic questions (to allow Buzz to explain things to viewers at home).

Other characters included bad-girl-turned-good Tonga (Nina Bara), Security Chief Major Robbie Robertson – not the guitarist from The Band – (played by Ken Mayer), Secretary-General of the United Planets (Norman Jolley) and his pretty daughter Carol Karlyle (Virginia Hewitt).

The miracle of time travel allowed the protagonists to leave the 30th Century for various adventures.

Captured bad guys got zapped with the ‘Paralyzer’ then re-programmed on the paths of truth and justice with the ‘Brainograph’. Frequent villains included Mr Proteus (Marvin Miller) and Prince Baccarratti – aka The Black Falcon (Bela Kovacs).


Commander Buzz Corry
Ed Kemmer 
Cadet Happy 

Lyn Osborn

Nina Bara
Major Robbie Robertson 

Ken Mayer 
Prince Baccarratti (The Black Falcon)

Bela Kovacs 
Mr Proteus 

Marvin Miller
Secretary General of the United Planets
Norman Jolley
Carol Karlyle 

Virginia Hewitt