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Spot The Tune

1 9 5 6 – 1 9 6 2 (UK)
209 x episodes

This forerunner to Name That Tune was hosted by Ken Platt, “Desmond” O’Connor, Alfred Marks, Jackie Rae, Ted Ray, Billy Raymond (the youngest host on British television at the time) and Pete Murray in turn.

The resident singer was Marion Ryan (mother of sixties pop stars Paul and Barry Ryan) who was originally booked for only six shows but stayed throughout its run. Music was provided by the Bob Sharples Orchestra.

Marion always looked glamorous, and for the 1958 season had no fewer than 100 dresses on order, ranging in price from £7 10s to 325 guineas.


She predicted, “I’ll defy most people to tell which are the cheap ones and which are the expensive”. In which case, somebody somewhere wasted a lot of money!

Spot The Tune had a moment of high drama concerning a lady by the name of Norma Longbottom, who was going for the £600 jackpot. Host Ken Platt wasn’t sure if she had given the correct tune title within the time limit.

He appealed to the floor manager, who in turn consulted the director. In the end, they decided that an answer would be given after the director had heard a recording of the show.

Switchboards were jammed as viewers waited anxiously for the outcome while the production team sat around a tape recorder. Eventually, they agreed that Norma had won and the nation rejoiced.

Ken Platt
Jackie Rae
Ted Ray
Billy Raymond
“Desmond” O’Connor
Alfred Marks
Pete Murray
Marion Ryan