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Starr and Company

1 9 5 8 (UK)
77 x 30 minute episodes

Since the demise of The Grove Family, the BBC had lacked a twice-weekly serial. Envious of the ratings success of ITV’s Emergency – Ward 10, the BBC unleashed Starr and Company in March 1958.

Based around a small family buoy-making firm (original if nothing else!), Starr and Company was transmitted live on Mondays and Thursdays.

Set in the fictional town of Sullbridge, 50 miles south of London, it starred Philip Ray, Nancy Nevinson, Patricia Mort and Brian McDermott, but didn’t stay buoyant for long, lasting only four months.

Jim Turner
Philip Ray
Robin Starr
Mike Murray
Tom Turner
Brian McDermott
Len Forbes
Glenn Williams
Megs Turner
Nancy Nevinson
Hughie Turner
Barry MacGregor
Joseph Starr
William Sherwood
Mary Tennison
Patricia Mort
Martin Sterndale
Jane Starr
Deidre Day
Gwyneth Turner
Gillian Gale
Maurice Durant
Steve Lacey
Harry Littlewood
Anne Pichon
Mrs Childs
Betty Cooper
Jose Read
Harry Crane
Arnold Ridley