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Stranger from Space

1 9 5 1 – 1 9 5 2 (UK)
17 x 10 minute episodes

A Martian boy called Bilaphodorous (Michael Newell) crash lands on Earth and is befriended by English youngster Ian Spencer (Brian Smith).

Stranger From Space has the distinction of being the first science fiction production ever made for British television, predating even the adventures of Bernard Quatermass.

The series was broadest live every two weeks as part of the children’s show Whirligig and was written by Hazel Adair (who created Compact and Crossroads) and Ronald Marriott. The fortnightly broadcast schedule allowed time for viewer’s letters and suggestions to be incorporated into subsequent episodes.

The second season of the series cast radio’s “Man in Black” Valentine Dyall as Gorgol, a Martian villain.

Ian Spencer
Brian Smith
Michael Newell
Professor Watkins
Richard Pearson
John Armitage
John Gabriel
Mrs Spencer
Betty Woolfe
Pamela Vernon
Isabel George
Bruce Beeby
Peter Hawkins
Valentine Dyall
Humphrey Lestocq


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