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Stu Erwin Show, The (The Trouble With Father)

1 9 5 0 – 1 9 5 5 (USA)
130 x 30 minute episodes

Stu Erwin became one of television’s first situation comedy stars, playing a bumbling husband and father of two daughters in this domestic comedy series from ABC.

Stu was the principal of Hamilton High School, which often served to get him involved in various civic activities. But most of the action was around the Erwin’s own home, where Stu’s every attempt to fix or improve things, surprise someone, or bring up the kids turned to disaster.

His wife June (played by Erwin’s real-life wife June Collyer) generally came to the rescue. Teenage Joyce and tomboy Jackie rounded out the family, while Willie was the handyman and various neighbours came and went.

In 1954, Joyce began to go steady with Jimmy Clark, and in a December telecast, they were married.

Also in the 1954-1955 season, the producers made an attempt to portray Stu as a little less blundering than he had been – something devoutly wished for by actor Erwin – but the series had run its course by early 1955.

The series was first known as Life With the Erwins, and later The Trouble With Father (which continued as its subtitle). During the final season, to emphasise the changes, it became The New Stu Erwin Show.

Stu Erwin
Stu Erwin
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