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Take A Guess

1 9 5 3 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Contestants on this Thursday night summer quiz show from CBS were aided by members of a celebrity panel to identify something known only to the moderator and the audience.

Each contestant started with $150. As they looked on, the panel asked questions of the moderator to determine the identity of the mystery object with $5 deducted from the $150 each time one of their questions received a “yes” answer.

The contestant won whatever was left of the original $150 after the money for the “yes” answers was subtracted – hence the need to guess as quickly as possible.

The contestant could take a maximum of four guesses, and if the entire $150 was used up – either by 30 “yes” answers or if the contestant had made four incorrect guesses – there were no winnings at all.

John K M McCaffery
Margaret Lindsay
Ernie Kovacs
Dorothy Hart
John Crawford
Robin Chandler
Hans Conried