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Take A Good Look

1 9 5 9 – 1 9 6 1 (USA)

This American television game show was created by and starred Ernie Kovacs.

Airing on ABC on Thursday nights, a panel of celebrities attempted to guess the identity of contestants who, at some time in the past, had been newsworthy figures but had since fallen into oblivion.

While notionally a game show, Take A Good Luck was primarily a vehicle for Kovac’s comedy.

takegoodlook2 takegoodlook1

He frequently told the audience that he couldn’t explain the rules of the game because he didn’t understand them himself adding, “it isn’t how you play the game that counts. It’s how much fun can we have?”.


Originally, the clues were presented via props and short video clips but eventually consisted exclusively of short comedy blackout gags starring Kovacs and a regular cast of Peggy Connelly, Jolene Brand, and Bobby Lauher, that related only vaguely to the person.

Kovacs was killed in an automobile accident in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of 13 January 1962. He was just 42.