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Those Endearing Young Charms

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This live series, originating from Chicago, related the adventures of the Charm family, who ran a mail-order business catering to collectors of household gadgets.

The family business was run by Ralph Charm (Maurice Copeland) and his wife, Abbe (Fern Persons), but all of the members of the household participated in it, including daughter Connie (Charon Follett) and son Clem (Gerald Garvey).

The strangest member of the household was eccentric Uncle Duff (Clarence Hartzell), whose hobby was memorising mail-order catalogues.

Those Endearing Young Charms premiered on Sunday afternoons at the end of December 1951. It spent only two weeks in the 6.30 pm Sunday time slot and then returned on 6 May, where it ran on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 17 June.

Ralph Charm
Maurice Copeland
Abbe Charm
Fern Persons
Connie Charm
Charon Follett
Clem Charm
Gerald Garvey
Uncle Duff
Clarence Hartzell