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Those Two

1 9 5 1 – 1 9 5 3 (USA)
19 x 15 minute episodes

This loosely structured 15-minute musical situation-comedy series was broadcast live to air on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights and used to fill the remainder of the half-hour in which NBC aired its evening network news program.

Vivian (Blaine) was a stage-struck nightclub singer whose accompanist, small-time musician Pinky (Lee), was madly in love with her. Unfortunately for Pinky, she was in love with another man. The rudimentary plot was primarily a backdrop allowing the stars to sing solos and duets.

Vivian Blaine left the series in May 1952 and was replaced by Martha Stewart (pictured below).

The show was produced in New York by Walter Craig and sponsored by Proctor and Gamble.

Vivian Blaine
Pinky Lee
Martha Stewart