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Torchy The Battery Boy

1 9 5 7 – 1 9 5 9 (UK)
52 x 15 minute episodes

This early Gerry Anderson puppet series pre-dated classics such as Stingray, Supercar and Thunderbirds and was aimed at a slightly younger audience.

When the children playing in Mr Bumble-Drop’s garden decided to tie the toys that he had just made them to the strings of their kites, they didn’t expect a strong gust of wind to carry them away along with Bumble-Drop’s toy poodle, Pom-Pom.


Two of the children, Bossy Boots and Bogey Meanymouth, refused to play in the lonely man’s garden again unless he found their toys.

And so, the old toy-maker made a wind-up puppet boy to search for the missing toys and named it Torchy because of the magic torch built into him that projected a beam onto any lost object.

Torchy located the missing toys and Pom-Pom on a twinkling star, so Bumble-Drop built Torchy a rocket out of cardboard, and our hero flew to the star where he discovered Topsy Turvy Land, where cream buns grew on trees, puddles were filled with chocolate, and lollipops grew in fields.

In this magical land, the toys could walk and talk and Torchy made lots of friends, including Squish the space-boy and Sparky the baby dragon.

They all eventually decided to stay and build a village called Frutown, named because all the houses were made of giant pieces of fruit.

torchy11 torchy12

Torchy returned to Earth every now and then, helping Mr Bumble-Drop with his problems and teaching naughty children how to behave themselves.

26 episodes were filmed – like The Adventures of Twizzle – in the small ballroom of a large mansion house (Islet Park) on the banks of the River Thames at Maidenhead.

Three-dimensional sets were introduced for the first time on this series and the puppets were fitted with moving mouths and eyes.


Romantic novelist Roberta Leigh (pictured below and at the head of this page) created Torchy and went on to make a second series of 26 new episodes with Associated British Pathe.

Gerry Anderson and AP Films were not involved in the production of these later episodes.

Olwen Griffiths
Mr Bumbledrop 

Kenneth Connor

Jill Raymond
King Dithers 

Kenneth Connor
Bossy Boots 

Jill Raymond

Jill Raymond



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