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Do You Trust Your Wife?

1 9 5 6 – 1 9 6 3 (USA)


Do You Trust Your Wife? was broadcast on CBS with Edgar Bergen – and his puppets, Effie Klinker (pictured at right), Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd (pictured above) – as the host from January 1956 to the fall of 1957, before the show moved to ABC with Johnny Carson as host.

The title was also changed to the less-sexist Who Do You Trust?

Woody Woodbury took over host duties in 1962, at which point the title was changed again, to the grammatically corrected Whom Do You Trust?

A British version of the show was produced in 1956 with Bob Monkhouse as the host, assisted by Dennis Goodwin.

Edgar Bergen
Edwin Reimers
Johnny Carson