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Vise, The

1 9 5 4 – 1 9 6 1 (UK)
221 x 30 minute episodes

This British drama series from Associated-Rediffusion was made by the American Danziger brothers and depicted people caught in ‘the vise’ of fate due to their own misdeeds. Schemers, blackmailers, and other unseemly types always got their due in the show.

The actors were generally lesser-known performers, but some talented actors (and newcomers who would later become famous) were seen, including Michael Caine, Honor Blackman, Christopher Lee, John Le Mesurier, Patrick McGoohan, Leslie Phillips, Bernard Cribbins, Bernard Bresslaw, Adrienne Corri, Gordon Jackson, Geoffrey Bayldon and Petula Clark.

The series went through a number of name changes, starting out as The Vise, then The Pendulum and finally Uncovered. Australian actor Ron Randell was the original host until the Detective Mark Saber episodes proved popular – spawning Mark Saber and Saber of London – at which time Donald Gray took over.