Home Television Drama Waterfront


1 9 5 3 – 1 9 5 6 (USA)
78 x episodes

This syndicated series was one of TV’s earlier seagoing adventures, focusing on tugboat captain Carl Herrick (Preston Foster), his crew, and his family.

Cap’n John ran the Cheryl Ann from Los Angeles harbour, encountering all sorts of smugglers, saboteurs, escaped convicts, and other seaborne criminals.

The large cast included his wife, May (Lois Moran), police detective son Jim (Harry Lauter), and the crew of the Cheryl Ann – son Carl (Douglas Dick), Tip (Pinky Tomlin), and Willie (Willie Best).

Terry (Kathleen Crowley) was Carl’s fiancée, the daughter of a wealthy stockbroker.

The series was filmed on location in Los Angeles Harbor.

Capt. John Herrick
Preston Foster
May Herrick
Lois Moran
Jim Herrick
Harry Lauter
Carl Herrick
Douglas Dick
Tip Hubbard
Pinky Tomlin
Terry Van Buren
Kathleen Crowley
Allen Jenkins
Willie Slocum
Willie Best
Tom Bailey
Raymond Haddon
Sid Saylor
Capt. Winant
Miles Halpin
Joe Johnson
Louis Jean Heydt