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Wichita Town

1 9 5 9 – 1 9 6 0 (USA)

In the decade following the Civil War the town of Wichita, on the fringes of the lawless Western frontier in the Kansas Territory, was a young city trying to grow and prosper.

The town’s leading citizen was Mike Dunbar (Joel McCrea), a man who had led a cattle drive to Wichita and decided to stay on as marshal to help establish law and order in the community.

Dunbar was aided by his two deputies, Ben Matheson (Jody McCrea) and Rico Rodriguez (Carlos Romero), the former a foreman at the nearby Circle J Ranch, and the latter a reformed Mexican gunfighter.

Also seen regularly in the series were Dr Nat Wyndham (George Neise), Wichita’s first doctor, Aeneas MacLinahan (Bob Anderson), the town blacksmith, and Joe Kingston (Robert Foulk), the bartender in the local saloon.

Joel and Jody McCrea, who played marshal and deputy in this Western, were in real-life father and son.

Wichita Town was based on the 1955 film in which McCrea had played Wyatt Earp.

Marshal Mike Dunbar
Joel McCrea
Ben Matheson
Jody McCrea
Rico Rodriguez
Carlos Romero
Dr Nat Wyndham
George Neise
Aeneas MacLinahan
Bob Anderson
Joe Kingston
Robert Foulk