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Windmill Family, The

1 9 5 4 (UK)
5 x 30 minute episodes

When the Channing family learn that nasty Uncle Porteous (George Skillan) plans to make them sell their windmill home and move into town to live “more sensibly organised lives” it seems all is lost.

Then fate lends a hand when young Colin Channing (Glyn Dearman) discovers ‘Puffin’ at the mill.

Puffin is the nickname of young Prince Suresh of Ranistan (Ronald Moody) – his father has recently abdicated the throne of the Oriental state and Puffin is to be crowned king.

Puffin wishes to have one last fishing holiday before his work as the new king begins.

The Ranistan government believe the young heir has been kidnapped and offer a reward – Puffin suggests that if Colin and his sister Kate (Diana Day) can hide him at the windmill and allow him to enjoy his fishing in peace then they may claim the reward: Puffin’s weight in gold.

Since this would secure the family’s windmill home, they agree to hide Puffin in the loft. They must now keep him away from both the Ranistan government and enemy agents to safeguard their reward.

The BBC series aired between 11 May and 8 June 1954.

Mrs Channing
Barbara Cochran
Kate Channing
Diana Day
Colin Channing
Glyn Dearman
Norah Gorsen
Mr Channing
Clem Lister
Ronald Moody
Uncle Porteous
George Skillan


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