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World of Mr Sweeney, The

1 9 5 4 (USA)
345 x 15 minute episodes

The daily series from NBC featured the lighthearted misadventures of Cicero P. Sweeney (Charlie Ruggles), a general store owner in the town of Mapleton who involved himself in – and attempted to solve – the problems of others.

Marge Franklin (Helen Wagner) was Cicero’s daughter. Kippie Franklin (Glenn Walken) was Marge’s son and Henrietta (Janet Fox) her best friend.

Tom Millikan (Harry Gersham) was Cicero’s friend and Abigail (Betty Garde) was Tom’s wife. Other regular characters included Molly the town spinster (Jane Cleveland) and Little Eva (Lydia Reed), a refugee girl.

The series, which produced 345 episodes, aired from 30 June 1954 to 30 December 1955, five times a week.

The Mr Sweeney concept originally began in 1953 as a weekly segment on The Kate Smith Hour.

Cicero P. Sweeney
Charlie Ruggles
Marge Franklin
Helen Wagner
Kippie Franklin
Glenn Walken
Tom Millikan
Harry Gersham
Abigail Millikan
Betty Garde
Janet Fox
Jane Cleveland
Little Eva
Lydia Reed