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Yancy Derringer

1 9 5 8 – 1 9 5 9 (USA)
34 x 30 minute episodes

Former Confederate soldier Yancy Derringer (Jock Mahoney) was a cardshark and lady’s man in post-Civil War New Orleans, Louisiana.

In reality, he was actually working undercover as a special agent for John Colton (Kevin Hagen), the civil administrator of the city, to prevent crimes and if necessary, arrest the culprits.

Yancy was a smooth operator, dapper and suave, and he carried a tiny pistol in his fancy hat. His constant companion was Pahoo (X Brands), a silent Pawnee Indian who carried a massive shotgun, was a dab-hand with a knife and always watched Yancy’s back.

Madame Francine (Frances Bergen) was the proprietor of Derringer’s favourite gambling house.

Other recurring characters included streetwise pickpocket Jody Barker (Richard Devon), scoundrel Toby Cook (Claude Akins), bayou siren Coco LaSalle (Beverly Garland) and mountaineer Colorado Charlie (Kelly Thordsen).

This Desilu production aired on CBS between 2 October 1958 and 24 September 1959.

Yancy Derringer
Jock Mahoney
X Brands
John Colton
Kevin Hagen
Madame Francine
Frances Bergen
Jody Barker
Richard Devon
Toby Cook
Claude Akins
Coco LaSalle
Beverly Garland
Colorado Charlie
Kelly Thordsen