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Yes, It’s The Cathode-Ray Tube Show!

1 9 5 7 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

A Chelsea Pensioner (Peter Sellers) opens an iron gate and sees attached to the railings a notice reading “Kings Head Tavern 100 Yards”.

A little further on he reads a newspaper placard “World to End in Ten Minutes” – He picks up some coins from the news vendor’s stand and runs towards the pub, waving his walking stick in the air . . .

Yes, its the Cathode-Ray Tube Show . . .

Meanwhile, a TV reporter (Sellers again) outside Balham Town Hall announces that in four minutes time the planet Mars will collide with Earth.

The reporter and his assistant (Michael Bentine) give the crowd their last-minute instructions – turn to face Mars, take a deep breath . . . and blow.

Hurrah! Mars is stopped in its tracks and moves away from Earth.

Former Goons Peter Sellers and Michael Bentine joined forces for the zany comedy series.

Peter Sellers
Michael Bentine
David Nettheim
June Whitfield