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Young Dr Malone

1 9 5 8 – 1 9 6 3 (USA)

Set in fictional Denison, Maryland, this daytime serial from NBC (adapted from a popular radio serial of the 1940s) focused on the father and (adopted) son team of doctors Jerry (the original “young” Dr Malone) and David Malone, who practised at Valley Hospital.

Young Dr Malone was notable for its use of actual medical crises and lighthearted humour, both of which were generally absent in late-50’s serials.

The series was finally laid to rest on 1 April 1963 – a victim of dwindling ratings – after almost 30 years on radio and television.


Dr Jerry Malone
William Prince
Dr David Malone
John Connell
Tracy Malone
Virginia Dwyer (1)
Augusta Dabney (2)
Jill Malone
Kathleen Widdoes (1)
Freda Holloway (2)
Sarah Hardy (3)
Claire Bannister Steele
Lesley Woods
Emory Bannister
Judson Laire
Dr Matt Steele
Eddie Jones (1)
Franklyn Spodak (2)
Nicolas Coster (3)
Lionel Steele
Martin Blaine
Lisha Steele
Zina Bethune (1)
Michele Tuttle (2)
Susan Hallaran (3)
Patty McCormack (4)
Faye Bannister 
Lenka Peterson (1)
Chase Crosley (2)
Dr Stefan Koda
Michael H. Ingram
Dr Ted Powell
Peter Brandon
Jody Baker
Stephen Bolster
Gail Prentiss
Joan Hackett
Dr Eileen Seaton
Emily McLaughlin
Clara Kershaw
Joyce Van Patten
Fran Merrill
Patricia Bosworth
Ernest Cooper
Robert Drivas (1)
Nicholas Pryor (2)
Peter Brooks
Robert Lansing
Eve Dunbar
Loretta Leversee
Pete Ferris
Luke Halpin
Harold Cranston
William Post Jr
Gig Houseman Malone
Diana Hyland
Larry Renfrew
Dick Van Patten
Miss Long
Mary Fickett
Lillian Houseman
Elizabeth Watts
Fred McNeill
Hugh Franklin
Lt. Flagler
William Smithers
Joan Wetmore
Erica Brandt
Ann Williams
Rick Hampton
Louis Edmonds
Miss Fisher
Betty Sinclair
Marge Wagner
Teri Keane
Clarence Williams
Ronald Sylvers