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Adventures of Floris, The

1 9 6 9 (Netherlands)
13 x 30 minute episodes

In the early 16th century, during the Guelders Wars, the knight Floris van Rosemund (Rutger Hauer) returns home from a trip around the world – accompanied by the Indian fakir/doctor/alchemist Sindala (Bergman) – only to find his castle occupied by Maarten van Rossum (Hans Culeman), the Commander-in-Chief of Charles, Duke of Guelders.

Charles, who controls Guelders, is involved in a power struggle against Philip the Handsome (Philip IV of Burgundy) who rules the Burgundian Netherlands, the rest of the Low Countries.

When Floris finds his castle stolen, he seeks refuge at Castle Oldenstein and sides with Wolter (Ton Vos) who is allied with Burgundy against Charles.

Charles and Maarten are aided by the Frisian pirate Long Pier (Hans Boskamp) partly as an ally, and partly to do the dirty work.

Floris and Sindala rescue the Countess Ada van Couwenberg (Diana Dobbelman), and she and Floris fall in love.

The series was filmed in black and white and aired in 1970 in the UK (dubbed into English). 1975 saw a West German remake of the series, Floris von Rosemund, again starring Rutger Hauer, but with German actor Derval de Faria as Sindala.

Floris van Rosemund
Rutger Hauer
Jos Bergman
Wolter van Oldenstein
Ton Vos
Jacco van Renesse
Maarten van Rossem
Hans Culeman
Countess Ada van Couwenberg
Diana Dobbelman
Tim Beekman
Pollo Hamburger
Henk Admiraal
Ida Bons
Lange Pier (Long Pier)
Hans Boskamp
Sacco van der Made
Nico Deegen
Peter Aryans
Frans Kokshoorn
Barend van Hackfort
Ad Hoeymans