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Adventures of The Seaspray

1 9 6 5 (Australia/USA)
32 x 30 minute episodes

seaspray0Widowed journalist Dan Wells (Walter Brown) is sailing the Pacific on his schooner Seaspray with his three children, Mike (Gary Gray), Noah (Rodney Pearlman) and Sue (Sue Haworth), assisted by their Fijian crewman, Willyum (Leoni Lesinawi).

Lesinawi was a real-life police officer in Fiji but left the force to play the character of Willyum.

seaspray2After seven episodes the character of Noah was dropped when Rodney Pearlman decided that he didn’t want to be an actor after all, and would rather resume his educational studies.

The series, a co-production of Screen Gems of America (a subsidiary of Columbia Pictures) and Pacific Films of Melbourne (who had made good international sales with The Magic Boomerang), set up its headquarters in a disused hangar on Nukualofa, near Tahiti, and chartered the 83-foot New Zealand brigantine Fitheach Ban (Gaelic for ‘Blue Raven’).

Dan Wells
Walter Brown
Mike Wells
Gary Gray
Noah Wells
Rodney Pearlman
Sue Wells
Sue Haworth
Willyum Lesi
Leoni Lesinawi
Paul Stockman