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1 9 6 7 – 1 9 6 8 (USA)

A children’s animated fantasy series from CBS and Filmation. After being born to a woman from Atlantis and a human lighthouse keeper, Aquaman controlled all the creatures of the sea and was known as “King of the Seven Seas”.


Aquaman could live underwater and used brainwaves to communicate with the creatures of the sea, he even had his own Seahorse called Storm. Aquaman was married to Mera and had a son called Aqualad (aka Tadpole).

Aquaman’s adventures formed part of the Superman/Aquaman Hour Of Adventure. Initial segments of this show were seen within Superman during 1967 before this starring show emerged.

Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
Marvin Miller
Aqualad (Garth)

Jerry Dexter
Additional Voices

Ted Knight