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Arabian Knights, The

1 9 6 8 (USA)
18 x 10 minute epiosdes

This regular cartoon segment of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour began with the powerful forces of the evil conqueror Bakaar the Black Sultan overrunning Persia and invading the capital city of Baghdad.

Bakaar and his forces breached the royal palace, forcibly claimed the throne from Prince Turhan, and ordered the prince to be killed. Prince Turhan fled the palace, pursued by the guards of Bakaar.

Prince Turhan and his cousin Princess Nida (a master of disguise and voice mimicry) were aided by Fariik the magician (a short, tubby, jolly little man), a shapeshifter named Bez (who transformed into various animals with the phrase “Size of a <insert animal here>!”) and Raseem the strong (who would shatter stone walls, lift and throw boulders, and catch and throw back cannonballs).

ak_turhan ak_nidor ak_bez ak_fareek ak_raseem

Together, this odd group of heroes – who called themselves The Arabian Knights – battled with Bakaar to try to recapture Turhan’s throne.

Along for comic relief – and the occasional well-placed mule kicks – was Raseem’s faithful little donkey, Zazuum.

Prince Turhan
Jay North
Princess Nida
Shari Lewis

Henry Corden
John Stephenson

Frank Gerstle
Evil Vangore/Zazuum 

Paul Frees