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Archie Show, The

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Adapted from the comic book creation of cartoonist Bob Montana and John Goldwater, Archie and the whole gang from Riverdale High came to Saturday morning TV in the USA in the late 60s and stayed through various incarnations for almost 10 years.

The Archie Show was the first of several TV incarnations of the beloved comic book series, which began in the 1940s.

The popular show (which seemed to change titles every season) focused on a group of teenagers who, despite their wildly different personalities, still preferred to hang out together.

The main character in the group was the perpetually youthful and red-headed all-American nice guy Archie Andrews.

The object of his affection was primarily the dark-haired beauty Veronica Lodge, who was wealthy and too aware of her devastating looks. Competing with Archie for Veronica’s affection was the equally self-absorbed Reggie Mantle.


Jughead Jones was Archie’s eternally hungry (yet skinny) best friend, who had a pathological fear of girls and so played the cynical bystander while the other boys actively pursued Veronica. The other female in the cast was Betty Cooper, the blonde girl-next-door, who was Veronica’s best friend/ worst enemy in the ongoing competition to be Archie’s best girl.

Other key characters were Riverdale High School staff members Miss Grundy (homeroom teacher), Mr Weatherbee (the Principal) and Coach Kleats; and class-mates Big Moose (the school ‘jock’), Dilton Doily (the school ‘brain’) and Jughead’s pursuer, Big Ethel.

The gang were usually also accompanied by Hot Dog, Jughead’s big, white sheepdog.

When the kids weren’t riding around in Archie’s old car or eating at Pop’s Chock’lit shop, they were singing groovy tunes in their rock band called, appropriately, The Archies.

In the real world, The Archies were a group of studio musicians while the voices behind the singing cartoon characters were vocalists Ron Dante, Toni Wine and Andy Kim, who were later called upon for touring purposes.

Everything’s Archie (the theme song to the show) is just one of the hits by the bubblegum musical group that scored 5 top ten hits including the number one song, Sugar Sugar which spent four weeks at the top of the US charts in August/September 1969.

The Archie Show was followed by The Archie Comedy Hour (1969 – 1970) and in various forms, the show lasted through the 1980s.

Not to be confused with The Archers . . .

Archie Andrews 
Dallas McKennon
Veronica Lodge 

Jane Webb
Reggie Mantle 

John Erwin
Betty Cooper 

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Jughead Jones 

Howard Morris
Big Moose 

Howard Morris
Big Ethel 

Jane Webb
Hot Dog 

Howard Morris

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Mr Weatherbee 

Dallas McKennon
Miss Grundy 

Jane Webb

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