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Arrest & Trial

1 9 6 3 – 1 9 6 4 (USA)
30 x 90 minute episodes

A crime drama show in two parts that, in the first 45-minute section, saw Detective Sergeant Nick Anderson of the LAPD (Ben Gazzara) capture a crook and, in the second half, defence lawyer John Egan (Chuck Connors) attempted to get the ‘perp’ off the hook.

Using Los Angeles as its base locale, the series dramatised a criminal case each week.

The combination of crime caper/cop show and courtroom melodrama has been widely imitated since, not least by Law And Order.

Det Sgt Nick Anderson
Ben Gazzara
Attorney John Egan 

Chuck Connors
Deputy DA Jerry Miller
John Larch
Assistant Deputy DA Barry Pine
John Kerr
Det Sgt Dan Kirby
Roger Perry
Det Lt Bone
Noah Keen
Jake Shakespeare
Joe Higgins
Mitchell Harris
Don Galloway
Janet Okada
Jo Anne Miya