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1 9 6 7 – 1 9 7 7 (Australia)
1508 x 15 minute episodes
53 x 60 minute episodes
134 x 30 minute episodes

Bellbird followed the lives of a community of country folk for more than ten years and became Australia’s first successful soap opera.

Australian radio had a rural soap since 1944 (The Lawsons, later called Blue Hills) but Bellbird, made by the ABC, went to air in 1967 and built up a devoted following in country regions all over Australia

Like Britain’s radio serial The Archers (launched in 1950), Bellbird depicted the lives of simple country folk in the fictional town, located somewhere north of Melbourne in mixed grazing land, that gave the show its title and had an educational slant, with mini-lectures on new farming techniques and such, slipped into the characters conversations.

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Bellbird also reflected serious issues like racism, parental abuse, alcoholism, pernicious gossip, xenophobia and generational conflict. A second generation Australian-Chinese character was among the original cast and a later story introduced an Aboriginal man married to a white woman.

The town of Bellbird took its name from the original homestead in the area, owned by the Chandler family, the last surviving member of which is Lori Chandler (Elspeth Ballantyne, better known as Meg Morris in Prisoner).

The main couple, Olive and Joe Turner ran the local boardinghouse and garage respectively and were played by Moira Carleton and Terry Norris (who came to represent the average Australian bloke and turned to politics after stardom in Cop Shop).


Other popular characters included local policeman Constable Des Davies (Dennis Miller), his wife Fiona (Gerda Nicolson, pictured above left), and nasty stock and station agent John Quinney (Maurie Fields).

Bellbird originally screened for 15 minutes at tea-time four nights a week Monday through Thursday as a lead-in to the 7.00 pm news.

Scenes were rehearsed in the church hall across the road from the ABC’s Elsternwick studios for the first three days of the week, with tape mapping out the layout of the real sets on the floor and the marks individual actors were required to hit.

On the fourth day the crew came in for a technical rehearsal with the actors and on the fifth, the four episodes – comprising one hour of content per week – were taped in-studio with all scenes in chronological order and each episode shot in one continuous 15-minute sequence.

During the final stages of the programme, one 60 minute episode was screened each week (episodes 1509 through 1562) before the series finally switched to 30 minutes for the final 134 episodes.


Life was usually simple for the town’s residents but Bellbird was not without incident. In May 1968 actor Robin Ramsay received a lucrative offer to work in Japan and opted to leave the series. Because of the various entanglements of the character, it was decided the only way to write out his character – the show’s nasty real estate agent, Charlie Cousens – at such short notice was to kill him off.

When Charlie fell from the top of a wheat silo, the TV Times letters page was busier than ever before. This incident remains the show’s most famous moment, and the skilfully assembled sequence has been repeated many times over the years in various Australian television retrospectives.

The series was taped in the ABC’s Melbourne studios in Elsternwickwhile the opening titles were shot in Daylesford, about 115 km north-east of Melbourne.

That was a little far to go every week, however, to shoot the six minutes or so of filmed exterior sequences that were inserted into each week’s episodes. Most of them were shot at Eltham, only 20 km away and in the then pastoral and market garden area of suburban Springvale.


James Davern, who was to become the creator of A Country Practice, directed the first episode, and was closely involved as script editor and then executive producer for seven years after that.

A feature film version of the series was produced in 1971. Imaginatively titled Country Town, the film was the brainchild of two of the show’s stars, Terry McDermott and Gary Gray. The film had the town gripped by a severe drought when young reporter Philip Henderson (Gerard Maguire) arrived to stir up old tensions.

The town’s people eventually rallied together to hold a fund-raising gymkhana, and a pub gathering finally broke into celebrations as the much-needed rain arrived.

Less than 300 episodes of Bellbird still survive in the ABC archives.

Olive Turner 
Moira Carleton
Joe Turner 

Terry Norris
Lori Chandler 

Elspeth Ballantyne
Charlie Cousens 

Robin Ramsay
Jim Bacon
Peter Annensen
Marge Bacon
Carmel Millhouse
Tom Grey
Tom Oliver
John Quinney 

Maurie Fields
Constable Des Davies 
Dennis Miller
Fiona Davies 

Gerda Nicolson
Maggie Emerson
Gabrielle Hartley
Colonel James Emerson
Carl Bleazby
Ron Wilson
Sean Scully
Dr Liz Sinclair
Margaret Cruikshank
Molly Wilson
Stella Lamont
Max Pearson
Terry McDermott
Gil Lang
Keith Eden
Rose Lang
Dorothy Bradley
Rhoda Lang/Wilson/Greene
Lynette Curran
David Emerson
Gary Gray
Roger Greene
Brian Hannan
Auguste Grossark
Kurt Ludescher