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Blue Light

1 9 6 6 (USA)
17 x 30 minute episodes

Set in World War II, crooner Robert Goulet played US secret agent David March in this ABC series.

He belonged to a highly secret organisation with the codename ‘Blue Light’.

March had infiltrated the German high command by posing as a newspaper foreign correspondent who had officially renounced his American citizenship and did his best to undermine the Nazis whilst sending information back home.

bluelightHaving been accepted into the ranks of the Nazi High Command, he was assigned to its intelligence division in Berlin.

In addition to eluding German counterintelligence, who managed to uncover and execute 17 members of the Blue Light unit, March also had to watch out for Allied intelligence agencies who never seemed to realise that he was on their side.

French actress Christine Carere costarred as his confidante, Suzanne Duchard.

The series was filmed in Germany but ran for one season only. Several episodes were edited together to make a film called I Deal In Danger for theatrical release in the US.

Robert Goulet died on 30 October 2007 while awaiting a lung transplant at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 73.

David March
Robert Goulet
Suzanne Duchard
Christine Carere