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1 9 5 7 – 1 9 6 2 (UK)

This slapstick 25-minute black & white comedy series, produced and written by Shaun Sutton, introduced kids to three of the most incompetent villains ever seen on television – the ‘Silliest and least successful gang in the Underworld’.

Head of the trio was the bulky, gangster-like Boss (Paul Whitsun-Jones), deviser of great plans which always ended in failure. Also in the team was the ironically named Happy (Douglas Blackwell).

However, it was the dim-witted Bonehead (Colin Douglas), a lovable imbecile, who was the show’s nominal star.

Two seasons were made before actor Colin Douglas moved on to more sensible dramas, like A Family At War.

The artwork in the title sequences was drawn by Tony Hart.

Colin Douglas

Douglas Blackwell

Paul Whitsun-Jones