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Braden’s Week

1 9 6 8 – 1 9 7 2 (UK)

The clear ancestor of That’s LifeBraden’s Week – which aired on Saturday evenings on BBC1 – not only humorously reviewed the week’s events but was also an early consumers’ champion, tackling thorny subjects with a light touch.

Canadian Bernard Braden – late of On The Braden Beat – fronted affairs, supported by a team of reporter/researchers who included John Pitman, Esther Rantzen and Harold Williamson. Williamson specialised in interviewing children. A musical interlude was provided by Jake Thackray.


Rantzen and producer John Lloyd headed off to That’s Life once Braden’s Week came to a controversial end in 1972.

The BBC were unhappy that Braden had decided to advertise Stork margarine on ITV and dismissed him, claiming it was not viable for the host of a consumer programme to be seen endorsing goods commercially.

Braden returned to Canadian television before resurfacing on British programmes such as After Noon Plus and a revamped All Our Yesterdays in 1987.