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Bright Promise

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 2 (USA)
107 x 30 minute episodes

This NBC TV daytime soap opera revolved around the lives of the students and faculty at the fictional Bancroft College, in the town of Bancroft, somewhere in the American Midwest.

Dana Andrews (pictured above) was the original featured male lead playing College President Thomas Boswell. A supporting cast of permanent actors and guest performers had roles as instructors, town citizens, doctors and nurses etc, who formed a web of relationships, gossip, affairs, intrigue and scandal – with attractive young college students thrown in for good measure.

In 1970, Andrews learned he had been fired via an article in the Los Angeles Times. His character was written out of the show and replaced with musical stage and film actress Anne Jeffreys as wealthy town leader Sylvia Bancroft (pictured below).

Martha Pierce Ferguson
Susan Brown
Professor Bill Ferguson
Paul Lukather
Sandra Jones Pierce
Susannah Darrow (1)
Pamela Murphy (2)
Thomas Boswell
Dana Andrews
Dean Ann Boyd Jones
Coleen Gray (1)
Gail Kobe (2)
Jim Boswell
Eric James
Red Wilson
Richard Eastham
Marian Connally
Marion Brash
Howard Jones
Mark Miller
George Townley
Nigel McKeand
Jennifer Collins Matthews
Nancy Stephens
Stuart Pierce
Peter Ratray
Dave Martin
David Pritchard
Dean Henry Pierce
Tod Andrews (1)
David Lewis (2)
Chet Matthews
Gary Pillar
Asst. DA Stephens
Robert Hogan
Mike Porter
Darryl Young
Albert Porter
Peter Hobbs
Isabel Jones
Lesley Woods
Professor Mitchell
Ivor Francis
Alice Porter
Sydna Scott
Elizabeth Walker
Betsy Jones-Moreland
Clara Ryan
Ruth McDevitt
Dr Brian Walsh
John Considine
Dr Crosley
Gary Clarke
Vince Adams
Forrest Compton
Barbara Jenkins
Pat Woodell
Jody Harper
Sherry Alberoni
Dr Tracy Graham
Dabney Coleman
David Lockhart
Anthony Geary
Dr Amanda Winninger
June Vincent
Charles Diedrich
Anthony Eisley
Sylvia Bancroft
Anne Jeffreys (1)
Regina Gleason (2)
Elaine Bancroft
Jennifer Leak
Nurse Radford
Brigid Bazlen
Mr Gibson
Walter Brooke
Bob Corcoran
Philip Carey
Samantha Pudding
Cheryl Miller
Annette O’Toole
Robert Viharo