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Bringing Up Buddy

1 9 6 0 – 1 9 6 1 (USA)
35 x 30 minute episodes

‘Buddy’ Flower (Frank Aletter) lived at 1492 Maple Street in the small town of Bradley Falls, California, with his two lovable but wacky spinster aunts, Violet (Enid Markey) and Iris (Doro Merande), who had raised him since the death of his parents in a car crash.

An investment broker for Cooper Investments, Buddy was seeing his secretary, Kathy (Nancy Rennick), but found his life perpetually complicated by the meddling of his aunts.

Each night when he came home he was likely to discover they had found the ‘perfect girl’ for him to marry, had made some other major decision about the way he was to live or had landed themselves in some sort of trouble from which he would have to extricate them.

“Those two can get in and out of trouble without realising they have ever been in it”, exclaimed Buddy when he became involved in their antics.

This CBS comedy series first aired on 10 October 1960.

Richard David ‘Buddy’ Flower
Frank Aletter
Aunt Iris Flower
Doro Merande
Aunt Violet ‘Vi’ Flower
Enid Markey
Kathy Donnell
Nancy Rennick