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Call Oxbridge 2000

1 9 6 1 (UK)
23 x 30 minute episodes

An extension of Emergency – Ward 10 (Britain’s most popular medical soap opera of the 1950s and 60s) Call Oxbridge 2000 failed to capture the hearts of the Sunday afternoon viewing audience and after just one year the surgery at Oxbridge closed its doors.

The Central figure in the programme was Dr John Rennie (Richard Thorp) who, as a Casualty Officer in the Oxbridge Hospital of Emergency – Ward 10, had been a household favourite since he was first seen in the programme in September 1959.

Dr Rennie had now left the hospital and gone to work in private practice with an uncle, working from a surgery on the outskirts of town.

Many of the established members of the Ward 10 cast played important parts in Call Oxbridge 2000, meeting patients who Dr Rennie and his uncle thought needed hospitalisation, or discussing with them the care of patients once they had left the hospital.

Such was the determination to keep the two programmes together that the first scripts for Call Oxbridge 2000 were written by one of the four scriptwriters who worked on Emergency – Ward 10.

Dr John Rennie
Richard Thorp
Alison Graham
Jennifer Kennedy
Dr Hamilton
Geoffrey Frederick
Dr Bennett
Godfrey Quigley
Mrs Bennett
Aileen Britton
Peggy Graham
Elizabeth Allan
Dr Richard Graham
Noel Howlett
Steve Graham
Scot Finch
Miss Davies
Jessie Evans