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Castle Haven

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 1 (UK)
100 x 25 minute episodes

Two large Victorian houses converted into eight flats at 42 Popes Avenue were the setting for “a slice of life without the sugar” in this daytime soap opera set in the fictional small Yorkshire seaside town of Castle Haven.

Teacher Phil Mercer (Jack Carr) and his wife Jo (Sally James) were hard up. They had a baby on the way and Mercer made no secret of the fact that they had top count the coppers. There wasn’t much left for luxuries on a salary of around £800 a year.

Other characters included the Thorns (old-age pensioners who lived in flat #1 and had an obsessive grievance with the council who had compulsorily purchased and demolished their house to make room for a road that wasn’t built), Ivor and Alice Davies (who had marital problems, largely because Alice tried to keep up with the Joneses with only Ivor’s nightshifts to pay for it all), the Meeks (who were caretakers to the flats), and the ever-quarrelling Everitts, Harry and Lorna (and daughter Sylvia).


The local watering hole for the inhabitants of the flats was a pub called the Gate Hangs Well, presided over by the demanding and sharp-tongued widow Delilah Hildrupp (Jill Summers).

The twice-weekly soap from Yorkshire Television debuted on Monday 31 March 1969 but only lasted two years, and all the recordings have since been erased.

Two of the residents did survive and go on to greater things – Gretchen Franklin became Ethel in EastEnders, and Kathy Staff went on to Last of The Summer Wine.

Phil Mercer
Jack Carr
Jo Mercer
Sally James
Tom Meek
George Waring
Sarah Meek
Gretchen Franklin
Ivor Davies
Colin Rix
Alice Davies
Ann King
Arthur Thorn
Bert Palmer
Meg Thorn
Natalie Kent
Jimmy Thorn
Keith James
Harry Everitt
Roy Barraclough
Lorna Everitt
Kathy Staff
Sylvia Everitt
Sharon Campbell
Robert Easton
Harvey Sokolov
Fiona Morris
Sidonie Bond
Vanessa Bardell
Wendy Fisher
Edward Pack
Ray Gatenby
Tobias Angell
Arthur Hewlett
Sid Buller
John Comer
Emily Fry
Daisie Adair
David Bates
David Beale
Matthew Bennett
Peter Schofield
Delilah Hilldrupp 
Jill Summers
Betsy Hilldruppp
Ann Way
Josip Pospichal
Ernst Walder
Vlasta Pospichal
Anna Korwin
Deidre Costello