Home Television Drama Checkmate


1 9 6 0 – 1 9 6 2 (USA)
70 x 60 minute episodes

Checkmate Inc. was a very expensive investigative agency operating in San Francisco and owned by ex-Marines Don Corey (Anthony George) and Jed Sills (Doug McClure).

Aiding and abetting the duo was Oxford professor of criminology Dr Carl Hyatt (Sebastian Cabot) who was employed as a special consultant to the firm. Investigator Chris Devlin (Jack Betts) joined for the final season.

Believing that violent crime was rarely inevitable and that skilful interference somewhere along the line could prevent catastrophe, Checkmate Inc. tried to step in at the crucial point and prevent the crime from happening.


Although they were both virile and able, Don and Jed had a lively sense of self-preservation and avoided violence wherever possible.

Checkmate featured a number of well-known guest stars, including Jack Benny, Charles Laughton, Tina Louise, Sid Caesar, Lloyd Bridges, Julie London, Mickey Rooney and Peter Lorre.

When the series was cancelled. Doug McClure moved to The Virginian.

Don Corey 
Anthony George
Jed Sills 

Doug McClure
Dr Carl Hyatt 

Sebastian Cabot
Chris Devlin 

Jack Betts