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Children of the New Forest, The

Bernard Archard as Intendant Heatherstone.

1 9 6 4 (UK)
6 x 25 minute episodes

This BBC Bristol production was set in the 1640s during the English Civil War and dramatised by Anthony Coburn from the book by Captain Marryat.

Colonel Beverley, the squire of Arnwood and High Keeper of the New Forest, goes off to join the King’s army and dies at the Battle of Naseby, leaving his two sons – Edward (Richard Arthure) and Humphrey (Brendan Collins) – and two daughters – Alice (Petra Markham) and Edith (Melanie Parr) – in the care of their Aunt Judith (Daphne Heard).

A troop of Parliamentary soldiers and their Leveller preacher, Abel Corbould (Philip Morant), come to Arnwood and the four orphaned Beverley children are smuggled away and taken to the home of Jacob Armitage (Norman Tyrrell) – a royalist forester – in the forest and hidden there.

The children are forced to pose as peasants and encounter various adventures, becoming involved with the family of Parliament’s new Intendant of the New Forest, Heatherstone (Bernard Archard, pictured above), and eventually joining a conspiracy to help King Charles (David Cargill), who has escaped from captivity.

There was an inferior remake in 1998.

Edward Beverley
Richard Arthure
Humphrey Beverley
Brendan Collins
Alice Beverley
Petra Markham
Edith Beverley
Melanie Parr
Jacob Armitage
Norman Tyrrell
Intendant Heatherstone
Bernard Archard
Patience Heatherstone
Kara Wilson
Judith Villiers
Daphne Heard
Abel Corbould
Philip Morant
June Barrie
Oswald Partridge
Colin Douglas
John Crocker
Tina Dennison
David Jackson
King Charles II
David Cargill
Michael Graham Cox
Brian Hankins