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City Beneath The Sea

1 9 6 2 (UK)
7 x 25 minute episodes

This ABC children’s serial starred Gerald Flood as science journalist Mark Bannerman.


In the opening episode, ex-Nazi U-Boat commander Kurt Swendler (Denis Goacher) steals the British atomic-submarine Cyana, but hidden onboard are Bannerman and his youthful photographer assistant Peter Blake (Stewart Guidotti).

Bannerman and Peter are taken to Aegira – an underwater city (hence the series title) – and discover many ‘missing’ scientists working in a laboratory.

Professor Ziebrecken (Aubrey Morris) is working on a plan for the conquest of the seas and “a world free of tension and strife”. Although he claims altruistic motive, Mark Bannerman discovers a stockpile of warheads for nuclear missiles.

A sequel, Secret Beneath The Sea, followed in 1963.

citybeneathsea6 citybeneathsea7

Mark Bannerman
Gerald Flood
Peter Blake
Stewart Guidotti
Professor Westfield
Hayden Jones
Professor Ludwig Ziebrecken
Aubrey Morris
Dr Ann Boyd
Caroline Blakiston
Kurt Swendler 
Denis Goacher


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