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1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (UK)
19 x 60 minute episodes

Detective Sergeant Caleb Cluff (Leslie Sands) was a plodding sort of detective, much more at home taking a good walk with his pipe in his mouth, his chestnut walking stick in his hand and his faithful dog, Clive (a half-breed black and tan) by his side.

The bachelor copper lived alone in the fictional North Yorkshire moorland town of Gunnershaw but received daily visits from his housekeeper, Annie Croft (Olive Milbourne).

Any crook underestimating the tweed-suited detective would do so at their own cost because Cluff’s slow methodology belied a skilfully perceptive insight into human nature and behaviour, particularly that of the criminal mind.

This slow style of his was often the cause of much frustration from his superior, Inspector Mole (originally Eric Barker and later Michael Bates), but no one could argue with Cluff’s detection rate, assisted by his junior sidekick, Detective Constable Barker (John Rolfe).

DS Caleb Cluff
Leslie Sands
DC Barker
John Rolfe
PC Harry Bullock
John McKelvey
Annie Croft
Olive Milbourne
Inspector Mole
Eric Barker (1)
Michael Bates (2)
Dr Hamm
Jack Howlett
Mrs Mole
Pauline Williams