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Colonel Crock

1 9 6 1 – 1 9 6 2 (UK)
10 minute episodes

Colonel Crock, a retired (driverless) army car with a distinct personality – and a deerstalker hat – was created by Annette Mills (who also created Muffin The Mule).

Crock lived in the village of Much Winding, which was exclusively populated by vehicles. Other “residents” of the village included Lady Limousine (of Winding Hall), Violet the Van (proprietor of the grocery shop), and Jake Jeep Jnr. who stayed on when the American forces left. Other characters included Charlie the Coach, Monty the Motor, Samuel Seven and Daniel the Donkey.

Bill Mags was the human Mechanic who ran the local garage and looked after all the cars.

The character of Colonel Crock had previously been seen on television in 1955 in the stand-alone BBC programmes Colonel Crock’s Boat Race, Colonel Crock Flies the Channel, Colonel Crock Beats the Bandits and Much Winding Winter Sports.