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Coronet Blue

1 9 6 7 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

“Who am I? Who am I? Why do they want to kill me? I can’t remember anything except two words . . . Coronet Blue . . . Coronet Blue.”

Coronet Blue starred Frank Converse as Michael Alden, a man who lost his memory after being dumped into New York Harbour in a failed murder attempt.

The only information anyone had to go on were the two words he was mumbling when he was pulled from the water, “coronet blue”. Even Alden’s name was a construct so that he could be known as something other than “hey, you.”

A monk (Brian Bedford) and a diner owner (Max Spier) attempted to help him in his quest to discover his identity and all the while the shadow of whoever tried to kill him hung over the proceedings.

Each week would introduce a new piece to the jigsaw puzzle, offering a glimpse of a possible past, while asking even more questions . . . Who does “Alden” work for? Is he a hero or a criminal? And why is it so important to silence him?

Unfortunately, when the show ended we never found out what the phrase meant!

Only 13 episodes were screened on CBS from May to September of 1967, and they never led to any kind of conclusion. Despite the fact that the show was relegated by CBS to a Summer run, Coronet Blue proved surprisingly popular with the viewing public and critics alike.

Hastily, the network attempted to revive the programme for the fall season, but Plautus Productions, who created the series, had folded after CBS axed the show, and Frank Converse had signed as Detective Johnny Corso on ABC’s NYPD, which ran from the fall of 1967 to the fall of 1969.

Michael Alden 
Frank Converse

Brian Bedford
Max Spier 

Joe Silver