Home Television Drama Counterstrike


1 9 6 9 (UK)
10 x 50 minute episodes

“A distant star, a dying planet. A race of desperate men seeking another home, another world to take over. One man is trying to stop them . . . a man not of this world”

Originally planned in 1966 but shelved for three years, this BBC science fiction series was created by Tony Williamson and starred Jon Finch as Simon King.

After an alien invasion of Earth by the Centaurans, King is sent along by the Intergalactic Council as an undercover agent to help fight the alien menace. Posing as a journalist, he is assisted in his mission by a doctor called Mary (Sarah Brackett) after she discovers his true origin.

Although ten 50 minute episodes were produced, only nine were actually transmitted. The episode postponed due to other broadcasting needs was never rescheduled. The series tapes were subsequently wiped.

Simon King
Jon Finch
Sarah Brackett
Katie Fitzroy