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Court Martial

1 9 6 3 (UK)
26 x 52 minute episodes

Crime in war was the theme of the ATV drama series Court Martial, which was made at Pinewood Studios.

In a bid for sales in the USA, the two lawyer officers were Americans, played by Bradford Dillman and Peter Graves. The two were attached to the Judge Advocate General’s office in Europe during World War Two.


Their mission was to track down perpetrators of war crimes and bring them to justice.

Each episode devoted much time to the excursions of Captain David Young (Dillman) and Major Frank Whittaker (Graves) into war-torn Europe, winding up with the court martial proceedings themselves.

Major Whittaker was the senior officer and chief prosecutor, Captain Young the defending barrister, Sgt John MacCaskey (Kenneth J. Warren) was their aide, and Sgt Wendy (Diane Clare) their secretary.

The series was spun-off a two-part story entitled The Case Against Paul Ryker, which aired as part of the Kraft Suspense Theater anthology in the USA.

Guest stars included Diane Cilento, Martine Beswick, Darren McGavin, Donald Sutherland, Dennis Hopper, Joan Hackett, Sal Mineo, Anthony Quayle, Judi Dench and Oliver Reed.

Capt. David Young
Bradford Dillman
Maj. Frank Whittaker
Peter Graves
Sgt. John MacCaskey
Kenneth J. Warren
Sgt. Wendy
Diane Clare
Sgt. Yolanda Perkins
Angela Browne


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