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Danger Island

1 9 6 7 – 1 9 6 9 (USA)
36 x 10 minute episodes

“Uh-oh Chongo”

Originally broadcast in 1968 as a segment on the Banana Splits Adventure HourDanger Island featured the adventures of a group of shipwrecked explorers on a tropical island, as they are pursued by bumbling, but heavily armed pirates, cannibals and assorted villains whilst searching for the mythical lost city of Tobanya.

A live-action segment filmed on location, it featured archaeologist Professor Irwin Hayden (Frank Aletter), his daughter Leslie (Ronnie Troup) and the professor’s youthful assistant, named “Linc” (played by a young actor named Michael Vincent, who would come to be known as teen idol Jan-Michael Vincent).

They are joined on their quest by Morgan (Rockne Tarkington), a shipwrecked merchant mariner, and his sidekick Chongo (Kim Kahana), who speaks only in a series of monkey-like chatters and birdcalls.

The modern-day pirates were led by the murderous Captain Mu-Tan (Victor Eberg) and the three tribes of cannibal natives were “the Headhunters”, “the Skeleton Men” and “the Ash Men”.

Many episodes were directed by Richard Donner, who would later helm the Lethal Weapon saga.

Prof. Irwin Hayden 
Frank Aletter
Leslie Hayden 

Ronnie Troup

Kim Kahana
Lincoln ‘Linc’ Simmons 

Jan-Michael Vincent
Elihu Morgan
Rockne Tarkington
Captain Mu-Tan 

Victor Eberg
Rodrigo Arrendondo