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Deadline Midnight

1 9 6 0 – 1 9 6 1 (UK)
39 x 60 minute episodes

Years before Lou Grant became a massive hit in the US, British series Deadline Midnight focused on the investigative reporting team of fictitious Fleet Street newspaper The Daily Globe.

The series featured the usual editors, senior reporters, hard-bitten veterans and the less than efficient junior of the newspaper office.


Regular characters included Globe Editor Holland (Alexander Archdale), news editors Joe Dunn (Peter Vaughan in an early TV outing) and Robbie Robinson (Brian Badcoe), Chief reporter Matt Stewart (Bruce Beeby),  reporters Neville Crane (Jeremy Young), Tom Douglas (James Culliford) and Peggy Simpson (Mary Law), and Jane Smith (Armine Sandford), secretary to the news editor.

Peter Vaughan’s character was replaced in the second series by Mike Grieves (Glyn Houston).

Guests included Michael Caine, David Hemmings, Warren Mitchell, Rita Webb, Jean Alexander, Stratford Johns, Kenneth Cope, Ray Barrett, Patrick Magee, Nyree Dawn Porter, Jack Smethurst, Desmond Llewelyn, Nanette Newman, Robin Stewart, Dilys Laye, Charles Lloyd Pack, James Beck, Michael Robbins, William Gaunt and Bernard Kay.

The producers brought in former Daily Express editor Arthur Christiansen, who had recently been employed by ATV as Editorial Advisor, to oversee its authenticity.

Jane Smith
Armine Sandford
Mike Grieves
Glyn Houston
Neville Crane
Jeremy Young
Matt Stewart
Bruce Beeby
‘Robbie’ Robinson
Brian Badcoe
Peggy Simpson
Mary Law
Alexander Archdale
Tom Douglas
James Culliford
Jill Collins
Pat Gilbert
Dick Seton
Peter Fraser
Joe Dunn
Peter Vaughan
Mark Byron
Olaf Pooley