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1 9 6 4 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

He is six feet four inches tall, rugged and handsome and possesses a great sense of humour. He’s not fast on the draw, but he’s tough with his fists when he has to be.

His philosophy is peace (“I’m the most peaceful man there is”), money interests him (“I’ll do most anything for it”), women find him irresistible and “nothing can stop me from coming to the aid of a beautiful damsel in distress”.

This unlikely TV Western hero is Harrison Destry – the son of rugged gunfighter Tom Destry – who had once been a sheriff until he was framed for a robbery.

Destry had been arrested, tried, found guilty and served time in the Texas State Penitentiary. He was released early for good behaviour.

The series – based on the 1939 feature film Destry Rides Again – followed Destry’s 13 episode search to find the men who framed him.

Episodes were filmed in colour but broadcast in black and white.

Harrison Destry
John Gavin