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Diagnosis: Unknown

1 9 6 0 (USA)
9 x 60 minute episodes

Head pathologist Dr Daniel Coffee (Patrick O’Neal) works at a large metropolitan hospital in New York City.

Believing that science and technology hold the keys to solving crimes (especially murders), Daniel helps Captain Max Ritter (Chester Morris) of the NYPD solve peculiar murders with the assistance of his Indian colleague Dr Mookerji (Cal Bellini), lab assistant Doris Hudson (Phyllis Newman) and handyman Link (Martin Houston).

The nine episodes depict Daniel’s efforts to prove his theories as he uses the latest scientific advancements to help him and his team solve crimes.

Dr Daniel Coffee
Patrick O’Neal
Doris Hudson
Phyllis Newman
Dr Motilal Mookerji
Cal Bellini
Captain Max Ritter
Chester Morris
Martin Houston