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Diary of a Young Man

1 9 6 4 (UK)
6 x 45 minute episodes

Two youthful travellers from the North of England – Joe (Victor Henry) and Ginger (Richard Moore) – took a trip to London to see what was going on in the nation’s capital. Joe arrived with £3 – 15 shillings in his pocket, while Ginger had just over a fiver “being as he did not smoke”.

“We arrived in London on a wet foggy morning. All we wanted out of life was a bird, a pad and some money”.

The programme – with interspersed still photography set to music, voiceover monologues and pseudo-cinematic capers – was heralded as a revolution in television drama.

The six-part Saturday night BBC1 series was the work of Z Cars writers Troy Kennedy Martin and John McGrath.

A vicar by the name of Tom Richardson complained to the BBC about the series, describing the programme as “filth and depravity” and deploring it as an intrusion into his home.

Other viewers wrote to The Guardian recommending that the good reverend should contact his local television engineer and he would discover that his TV set, in common with others, could be switched on and off at will . . .

Victor Henry
Richard Moore
Nerys Hughes
Mr Silver
Roy Godfrey
Mr Gold
Leslie Dwyer
Oscar Truscott
John Warner
Uncle Arthur
Will Stampe
Big Jim
Wally Patch
Jean Marsh
Bank manager
Frank Williams
Police Constable
Glynn Edwards


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