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Don’t Call Me Charlie

1 9 6 2 – 1 9 6 3 (USA)
26 x 30 minute episodes

This NBC comedy was set in a United States Army Veterinary post in Paris, France.

The outfit was under the command of gin rummy-loving Colonel Charles Baker (John Hubbard), a man who was friendly with his troops but hated to be called ‘Charlie’ – hence the series title.

Charlie had a lot of free time as this post didn’t see very much action. In fact, the colonel jokingly admitted that his “only combat experience came in his first marriage.”

Judson McKay (Josh Peine) was one of the privates under Baker’s command. He arrived in France due to a clerical error: Baker had been after a bandmaster who played the trombone – not a veterinarian.

Judson was a simple, backwoods veterinarian (from Muscatine, Iowa) who was set in his ways and determined not to let the sophistication of Europe change his way of thinking or living.

Judson had, in essence, become an outcast and stories followed his misadventures as he tried to remain the simple person he was, despite the efforts of his fellow recruits to change his square but innocent ways.

Other Regular characters included Sergeant Baker Woznik (Cully Richard), General Steele (Alan Napier), Corporal Lefkowitz (Arte Johnson), secretaries Selma Yossarian (Louise Glenn) and Patricia Perry (Linda Lawson), and landlady Madame Fatime (Penny Santon).

26 black and white episodes were produced but only 18 aired. The show was originally to have been titled Vive Judson McKay.

The animals used on the show (and there were many) were trained by Frank Inn.

Sponsors included Lipton Soup, Bayer Aspirin, Scott Paper Company, and Brown and Williamson Tobacco.

Pvt. Judson McKay
Josh Peine
Col. Charles Baker
John Hubbard
Sgt. Baker Woznik
Cully Richard
General Steele
Alan Napier
Corporal Lefkowitz
Arte Johnson
Patricia Perry
Linda Lawson
Selma Yossarian
Louise Glenn
Madame Fatime
Penny Santon