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Doris Day Show, The

1 9 6 8 – 1 9 7 3 (USA)
128 x 30 minute episodes

This CBS sitcom starred Doris Day (as Doris Martin) in a number of different scenarios.

In the first season, Doris was a widowed mum who relinquishes
her career as a singer in San Francisco to run her father’s Mill Valley ranch with the help of her two sons, Billy (Philip Brown) and Toby (Todd Starke).

Her father, Buck Webb (Denver Pyle), was also assisted on the ranch by hired hand, Leroy B. Simpson (James Hampton) and housekeeper, Aggie (Fran Ryan) who was later replaced by Juanita (Naomi Stevens).

In the second season, Doris moved to San Francisco to work as an executive secretary for a glossy magazine called Today’s World – “The Now Magazine”.


She and the children – and a large sheepdog named Nelson – took up residence at 965 North Parkway in apartment 207 (above Palucci’s Italian Restaurant).

Her landlords were restaurant owners Angie (Kaye Ballard) and Louie Palucci (Bernie Kopell), and her boss at the magazine was Michael Nicholson (McLean Stevenson).

One of the most popular characters on the show was Doris’s prissy set-in-his-ways bachelor neighbour, Willard Jarvis, played by the very funny Billy De Wolfe.

In the third season, Doris was a reporter at the magazine, and by the fourth season, she was romantically involved with Dr Peter Lawrence, played by Peter Lawford.

Throughout the entire series – which was produced by Day’s son, Terry Melcher –  the theme song was Que Sera Sera, sung (naturally) by Doris Day.

Doris Martin 
Doris Day
Billy Martin 

Philip Brown
Toby Martin 

Todd Starke
Buck Webb 

Denver Pyle
Leroy B. Simpson
James Hampton
Myrna Gibbons 

Rose Marie
Cy Bennett 

John Dehner
Michael Nicholson 
McLean Stevenson
Jackie Parker 

Jackie Joseph
Ron Harvey 

Paul Smith
Naomi Stevens
Willard Jarvis
Billy De Wolfe
Aggie Thompson 
Fran Ryan
Angie Palucci 
Kaye Ballard
Louie Pallucci
Bernie Kopell
Dr Peter Lawrence 
Peter Lawford
Nelson the Sheepdog
Lord Nelson