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Double Life of Henry Phyfe, The

1 9 6 6 (USA)
17 x 30 minute episodes

Henry Wadsworth Phyfe (Red Buttons) – a meek and mild-mannered accountant and the exact double of a US spy codenamed U-31 – was recruited by Central Intelligence in Washington DC to replace U-31 when he was killed in a hit and run car accident so that all of 31’s unfinished business could be completed.

There were complications, however. U-31 was fearless, a real ladies man, multi-lingual, a marksman, an expert skier, very athletic, and a black belt in karate. Phyfe was none of the above.

Episodes featured Henry’s reluctant and fumbling investigations as he struggled to lead a double life and carry out U-31’s missions.

Mr Hamble (Parley Baer) was Henry’s employer, who had no idea of Henry’s double life. Neither did Henry’s girlfriend, Judy (Zeme North) or his landlady, Florence Kimball (Marge Redmond).

Gerald B. Hannahan (Fred Clark) was the Sub Chief of Central Intelligence.  Hannahan knew that Phyfe was extremely patriotic, and it was that patriotism which allowed him to cajole Phyfe into taking on each and every dangerous mission.

This mid-season series replaced O.K. Crackerby but didn’t meet with much more success than its predecessor.

Henry Phyfe
Red Buttons
Gerald B. Hannahan
Fred Clark
Zeme North
Florence Kimball
Marge Redmond
Mr Hamble
Parley Baer
Agent Sandy
Rob Kilgallen
Agent Larry
Ed Faulkner