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Echo Four-Two

1 9 6 1 (UK)
10 x 25 minute episodes

This spin-off from No Hiding Place featured Detective Sergeant Harry Baxter (Eric Lander) who had been Chief Superintendent Lockhart’s right-hand man.

Promoted from sergeant to inspector, Baxter was now placed in charge of E Division’s Q-cars (a squad of unmarked vehicles used for surveillance) and, with his assistant, Joe York (Geoffrey Russell), tackled various assignments from an office in Bow Street.

A strong female following for Eric Lander instigated the series, but an Equity actor’s strike hastened the show’s demise before all 13 planned episodes were produced.

Plans for a second season were already underway when the first series was curtailed as a result of the strike. Production was never resumed and Lander returned to the mother series, No Hiding Place.

DI Harry Baxter
Eric Lander
DS Joe York
Geoffrey Russell
Acting Supt. Dean
Geoffrey Chater


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